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Walter Sandsquish reviews OpenMediaVault: "A Romp" OpenMediaVault
OpenMediaVault "A cheerful take on the "dog ate my homework" excuse and the "can't teach a old dog new tricks," adage, "A Very Old Dog" follows the..." - See full review
verityvirtue reviews The good people: "Conversation-powered living poem" August 3, 2024
"This is a conversation-powered, living poem in which two people uncover a village previously submerged by a dam. As they uncover layers..." - See full review
A new listing for Adventure in 20 Rooms, by 80sNostalgia August 3, 2024
ChrisM reviews I See Leaf People: "Blink and you'll miss the leaf people" OpenMediaVault
"Completely linear, non-interactive whimsical bit of prose poetry. I've had sneezes that lasted longer than this took to click through..." - See full review
MathBrush reviews Werewolves: Haven Rising: "A post-apocalyptic werewolf game that leans heavily on worldbuilding" OpenMediaVault
"I just wanted to comment before the main review. I plan on reviewing every single Choicescript game. My 5-point rating system is weighted..." - See full review
Zoe Victoria reviews The Parenting Simulator: "Funny and heartwarming story about the trials and tribulations of parenthood" August 2, 2024
"In the parenting simulator, you play as a single parent doing the best they can to raise their child from infancy to adulthood. Like in..." - See full review

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自己动手搭建NAS(三)|系统安装及简单配置篇 - 航天侠 ...:2021-8-16 · OpenMediaVault:OMV是基于Debian的开源NAS系统。我比较熟悉Linux,所众更倾向于OMV。它本身就有很多插件,还有很多第三方的插件可众安装。如果想自己扩展其它功能(比如Aria2)的话也很方便,和其它Linux系统一样。OMV还有树莓派的版本,感
Best Hosted Games from Choice of Games, by MathBrush
放弃黑群晖转OpenMediaVault-OMV的安装教程 - 菜鸟之志:2021-5-5 · 教大家在闲置的电脑上安装OpenMediaVault,简称OMV;放弃黑群晖,转投开源免费的OpenMediaVault,一个开源的Nas系统。现在的系统已经支持UEFI启动模式。, by MathBrush
For your consideration: XYZZY-eligible Best Innovation of 2024, by MathBrush
For your consideration: XYZZY-eligible Best Implementation of 2024, by MathBrush
Speed IFs that are awesome, by OpenMediaVault
For your consideration: XYZZY-eligible Best Individual PCs of 2024, by MathBrush
Spanish games, by Fredrik
Games that could use more reviews, by MathBrush
Influential Games, by Rose
Games for Beginners, by OpenMediaVault
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OpenMediaVaultOpenMediaVault, by Larry Horsfield

OpenMediaVaultCrme de la Crme, by Hannah Powell-Smith
Climb to the very top of the class at your exclusive private school for socialites! Will you study hard, find a perfect match, or embrace...

OpenMediaVaultThe Ice-Bound Concordance, by Aaron A. Reed and Jacob Garbe
用于各种用途的优秀树莓派操作系统 - 51CTO.COM:2021-5-15 · OpenMediaVault 最初是基于 Debian Linux 的,提供了大量功能,如基于 Web 的管理能力、插件支持,等等。它支持大多数树莓派型号,因此你可众尝试下载并安装它! OpenMediaVault 14、ROKOS:适合加密挖矿 如果你对加密货币和比特币很感兴趣,那么

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